Frequently Asked Questions

You can return your order within 20 days of receiving the items, after this, unfortunately this is not possible (unless the problem is covered by the warranty).

We will refund your money or exchange your product if the following conditions are met:

- Send an e-mail to stating your purchased items (product name and code) and a brief explanation of the reason for return.

- The request must be made within 14 days of receiving the items.

- The items will be returned in the same condition in which they were shipped, in the original box and with all accessories provided.

- Return the goods within 20 days from receipt of the goods at your expense to Atelier Content, Brabantdam 56, 9000 Ghent, Belgium.

- The goods should be returned to us by courier (GLS, DHL, Fedex, etc.) or by traceable (preferably insured) shipment from Bpost. Shipping costs and shipping risks are at your own expense.

Upon receipt of the return package, we will refund the amount (excluding shipping costs) to your account within no more than 14 days.

Of course you will get your money back when you return your product and meet the requirements for a return. If the products do not meet the requirements for returns, the products will be sent back to the customer (with shipping costs also being the customer's responsibility). Not sure if your products (still) meet the requirements? Feel free to email

Returned products are checked by us after arrival at the warehouse. If everything is in order and all requirements are met, we will transfer the amount to you within 14 days. Any charges (shipping and handling fee, damage or missing parts) will be deducted from the total amount.

If you wish to exchange an item for a smaller or larger size, we will send that item free of charge, if in stock. If the item is no longer in stock, you will get your money back.

We know how impatient you can be when you have to wait for your order. That's why we do our best to deliver orders as quickly as possible.

We aim to deliver your order within 5 working days.

Your order will be delivered by GLS. If you are not at home on delivery, you will find a note in your letterbox and you will be able to collect your shipment from your nearest ParcelShop from the next day.

Find the nearest ParcelShop, ParcelLocker or GLS depot via this link: 

In some cases this is still possible, when the parcel has not yet been offered to our transport company. You can always send an email.

Atelier Content always packs and ships all articles with the utmost care. All articles are also carefully checked for any production defects. Should you nevertheless notice any damage and/or qualitative deficiency of an article or other shortcoming in the delivery, this must be reported within 14 days of receipt. In this case, please send an email to,  as well as a picture of the product and a description of the problem in question. We will then look for an appropriate solution.

The lining and upper leather of our shoes are chromium-free. 

For more information, you can always email us at

Atelier Content’s shoes are designed to last for years. In fact, because they are fashioned entirely from high-quality Italian leather, they become softer, suppler and more beautiful over time. But leather is a natural material that occasionally needs a little tender loving care. This is what you can do to enjoy your shoes for even longer.

Keep it dry

Being caught in a shower from time to time is not a problem — we are a Belgian brand, after all. If your shoes are wet, simply dry them thoroughly before wearing them again. Do this with the soles facing upwards and as far away from a direct heat source as possible.

Nevertheless it’s best to avoid your shoes becoming continuously or thoroughly wet. Water can damage the leather and the soles and hasten the ageing process of your shoes.  

Tip: regularly spray your shoes with a water-repellent spray to protect them from rain and dirt.

With heart and sole

Every foot is different, and you’ll gradually notice this on the soles of your shoes. If they wear unevenly, it’s advisable to have the shoes periodically re-soled. This is not only good for your shoes, but also for your feet, ankles and back.

If your soles come loose at the top of the shoe, it’s also time for new ones. This can happen if your shoes frequently get wet, for example.

Extra shine

Just as your own skin needs moisturising, your leather shoes will also benefit from a little nourishment from time to time. By regularly treating your shoes with a good quality shoe polish, you will keep the leather soft, supple and shiny.


Stains are best removed with a damp cloth and, if necessary, some hand soap. Do not use a scouring pad or other hard objects that may damage the leather.

You can use this size chart as a guide to choosing the right size. Stand with both feet on a piece of paper and draw the circumference of your feet. Measure the distance from the heel to the furthest point at the toes. It is best to measure your feet at the end of the day. Heat and movement can cause your feet to expand a little. If you fall between 2 sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size.

Would you like to know whether the long boots you have in mind will fit around your calves? 

Compare the circumference of your calf with the shaft width of the model in question, in the size you want.

You can find an overview of the shaft widths of our long boots in our size chart.

How do I measure my calves?

Place your foot flat on the ground and measure the circumference of your calf, at its widest point. 

Tip: it is best to measure in the afternoon or evening. As the legs may swell a little during the day, new boots with the right shaft width will still be comfortable in the evening. If necessary, round up the measured value to the next whole centimetre.

Tip 2: Be sure to repeat the process for the other leg too, as differences in calf circumference from leg to leg are quite normal. Always go with the highest number when buying boots.