Atelier Content is named after its founder, Nele Content. She differentiates herself by a radical focus on elegance and comfort, with no compromises. But of course she is not alone. Atelier Content is what it is thanks to the endlessly passionate work of our Belgian and Italian team members. They all make their own unique contribution to the allure of our shoes and our brand.

Founder l Creative Director

She is driven by freedom. She wants to do her own thing, and wants the same freedom for everyone else. Atelier Content allows her and her husband (pictured right) to build their lives around their work, and also to make time to play with their children.

Co-Founder l Managing Director

Efficiency and automation are his thing. To get started he needs coffee, but once he’s in the groove he’s hard to prise away from his screen and his work. After working hours, he plays board games or with his children’s Lego :)

Art Director l Project Planner

She is the ray of sunshine in the office. She sculpts and crafts images and words, making everything more beautiful in the process. She loves good food and likes to collect plenty of shoes and friends around her. 

Management Assistant

She processes mountains of administration with the greatest pleasure. She cares for us like a beloved mother. At 10 o’clock she sings along quietly to Prince without losing concentration. She brings order into our team (and chocolate!). 

Sales Manager

She enjoys going on the road in her search for the most beautiful shoe shops and boutiques for the Atelier Content collections. After travelling and lugging all those shoes around, she relaxes and winds down with yoga and elaborate brunches with family and friends. 

Shop Manager

She is the captain of our flagship store, a superhero in high heels who welcomes every customer with the best service. She listens and advises and helps everyone to find the perfect pair. She loves to travel, and a cup of good coffee is guaranteed to put a smile on her face. 

Every pair of Atelier Content shoes passes through the skilled hands of our colleagues in the workshops in Italy. They breathe life into Nele’s designs and finish every shoe right down to the finest details.

Meet a few members of our team in Italy.


Renzo is the paterfamilias and has more than 50 years’ experience. He likes to use his knowledge of all parts of the production process to help out in every department when needed.


For more than 30 years, Antonella has been in charge of stitching all the prototypes and she organises the stitching for the whole production process.


With his 50 years’ experience, he is a permanent fixture and an expert in the correct mounting of the shoe upper on the last, both manually and by machine.


During her 30-year career, she has built up an extensive knowledge of all aspects of the production process and is responsible for the final quality control before the shoe is packaged and leaves the workshop.


Ensures that the upper of every shoe is mounted correctly on the last. This is done by machine and demands dexterity and precision.


Is responsible for the finishing touches on every shoe: she literally irons out any creases in the shoe and boot uppers, brushes or cleans every shoe, and treats the leather with nourishing creams where necessary.