As a bride, you are the epitome of beauty. All eyes are on you. And so you want to look strong, from the ceremony to the dance party. With Moments by Content, you step into the wedding boat in comfort and endless elegance. 

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Winter or summer, classic or unique
— thanks to the timeless versatility of
our designs, you can keep wearing your shoes
long after your wedding. For
special occasions, or just to add colour to
your days. 

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Our shoes are fashioned from Italian leather of the highest quality. Leather is soft to the touch, completely natural and stays beautiful for years. By caring for it in the right way, you can further extend the lifespan of our shoes. 

We use nappa leather, whose CO2 emissions are more than three times lower than those of cow leather. What’s more, our leather is always tanned with a low chrome content, which means that during the tanning process less chromium or other heavy metals are released.

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