Nele Content designed a beautiful shoe collection with matching handbags for her anniversary summer. Exquisite Belgian design for timeless comfort paired with flawless Italian atelier handiwork in small quantities.

Atelier Content wants to be there for every woman at every moment. Shoes that waltz effortlessly through life. From meeting to nursery, from office to date, from
date to dance party. All on that same trusty pair.

We beckon summer '24 with a refreshing array of colours, from southern, soft tones to eclectic metallic and eccentric prints. All captured in a play of elegant lines and surprising shapes. Coupled with the finest materials, craftsmanship and sustainable design.

The collection consists of a thoughtful mix of sandals & closed shoes with different heel heights. The celebrated signature heels and stylish handbags
that enhance the collection's shoes are also back.

The collection will be in all shops from January 2023. Images can be discovered in preview below.